Keep Going.

So much time.
What should you do with it?

Now, more than ever, our welfare matters. Keep Going.

Shoot Date: 17-03-2019 // 22-03-2019            Release Date: 12-05-2020

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Caragh Taylor
Executive Producer: Cameron Pulham

Dizzy is a video showpiece commissioned by Keylight Studios.

Featuring Pauli Soravia, the film is introspective and portrays the cycle that fuels our subconscious existential thoughts.

Shoot date: 17-02-20 // 18-02-20                     Release date: 23-04-20

Directed: Sooyoung Hahn 
Produced: Edward Whelan 
Executive Producer: Cameron Pulham

The Pace is the third short made for DUCFS 2020.

The track is Bambro Koyo Ganda by Bonobo.

Shoot Date: 20-01-2020                             Release Date: 23-01-2020

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Amelia Maszlin, Anna Maran, DUCFS

The DUCFS 2020 Aftermovie was produced to showcase the UK’s largest student fundraising event.

Sponsors included Deliveroo, and Red Bull. The show raised £170,000 for Fashion Revolution and STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Shoot Date: 29-01-20 // 01-02-20           Release Date: 23-03-2020

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Anna Maran, DUCFS

The Palatinalps 2019 Final Cut was produced for the Durham University Ski Trip, the largest student ski trip in the UK.

The shoot spanned six days and took us and our gear to new limits. We skied with gimbals and captured Hybrid Minds at apres.

Shoot Date: 04-01-2020 // 10-01-2020          Release Date: 23-02-2020

Produced: Keylight Studios, Level Three Media
Creative Lead: James Yallop

The DUCFS 2020 Charity Video was played as the opener to the Fashion Show in January 2020, which fundraised for Fashion Revolution and Stop The Traffik.

The track, Kin by Tourist, provides an energetic platform for Chloe Smith to narrate over, delivering an emotive message.

Shoot date: 19-01-2020.           Release date: 30-01-2020

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Amelia Maszlin, Anna Maran, DUCFS
Executive Producer: Cameron Pulham

The Restoration was the second short made for DUCFS 2020.

The track is Wild by Tourist.

Shoot Date: 09-12-2019                Release Date: 27-01-2020

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Anna Maran, DUCFS

Meet the Models 2020 was conceptualised by Caragh Taylor as part of the DUCFS programme.

Drawing inspiration from similarly themed works by Vogue, this video was a change in pace from the Show’s abstract content.

Shoot Date: 29-11-19           Release Date: 13-12-19

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Anna Maran, Caragh Taylor
DP: Cameron Pulham
Graphics: Tristan Ashley

Track: Get To Know It, Moonchild                                                    

The DUCFS 2020 Theme Release was the Show’s video-statement piece.

The Theme Release video highlights the lack of transparency within our modern supply chains.

Shoot Date: 21-08-2019 // 22-08-2019          Release Date: 5-10-2019

Dir: Edward Whelan
Produced: Anna Maran
DP: Cameron Pulham
Mixed: Andy Eccles-Williams

Women in Sport was commissioned by Durham University Marketing Department and Experience Durham to showcase the exceptional achievements of female athletes at Durham.

The final video is propelled forward by a Contient by ANBR and narrated over with a script written in collaboration with the marketing department.  

Shoot Date: 06-03-2019          Release Date: 08-03-2019

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Durham University Marketing Department and Experience Durham

The Trap was the first short made for DUCFS 2020. It marked the ticket release in November 2019.

The track is Girl by Jamie xx.

Shoot Date: 15-11-2019                  Release Date: 04-12-2019

Directed: Edward Whelan
Produced: Amelia Maszlin, Anna Maran, DUCFS

The Pink Mist trailer was conceptualised by Tom Shaw and commissioned by Keylight Studios and 1TC.

Tom’s vision informed the content of the trailer, selecting an extract from Pink Mist and blocking the passage to convey his interpretation of the work.

Shoot Date: 10-02-2019           Release Date: 16-02-2019

Trailer Director: Edward Whelan
Produced: Tom Shaw, Ella Burton, 1TC
DP: Cameron Pulham

The Tusk Tusk trailer was conceptualised by Izzy McGrady and commissioned by Keylight Studios.

With the slow dolly zoom acting as the master, we are drawn deeper into the darkness of the world McGrady wanted to convey: The Alcoholism, the dark allegories, and the boy too young to understand but not to see.

Shoot Date: 09-03-2019            Release Date: 11-03-2019  

Trailer Director: Edward Whelan
Producers: Izzy McGrady, Fourth Wall TC
DP: Cameron Pulham