Founded in 2019 in a university dorm room by Edward Whelan and Cameron Pulham, Keylight Studios was born to produce new-age narrative and commercial content for a modern audience.

Our work has featured on Amazon Prime UK and North America as well as every social media platform. Audition (2021), our debut feature film, was produced with one of the world’s youngest production teams and opened fourth on Amazon UK. On social, our creative content draws wider audiences and greater engagement for our clients.

The Keylight team is made up of carefully selected production and creative talent. We work without egos and put ideas first, most likely while listening to Bicep or Bonobo.

If you have a story or campaign you want us to produce, drop us an email at

Edward Whelan

executive producer

Cameron Pulham

executive producer

Luke Taylor

commercial director

Beatriz Pérez-Benn

line producer

Soo Hahn


Tristan Ashley

visual effects

Keylight Studios 2021